Get Involved

How else can you help?

Here are some ideas!

  • Make an annual donation commitment… Whether it’s $5, $50 or $5,000 – it all adds up!
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Talk about us in your workplace and with friends and family and spread the word.  The more people hear from, the better for us all!  Persistence is the key to success!
  • Become a Sponsor –  for $10,000 You will change a woman’s life forever!
  • Local Exposure- call or write a radio station, newspaper, magazine or networking organization and ask them if they would like us come out and speak about our program.
  • Support our Events and bring your friends!
  • Forward your ideas to us, two heads are better than one and we are absolutely open-minded!  Helping each other is our Mission!
  • SHOP!  Visit our Store – All proceeds go towards providing an Explant to a Women in desperate need.
  • Feel free to contact us at any time with ideas, or questions to help our causes.
    All ideas are good ones!