My Story

A Message from the Founder

BOOBIES!!! Now that I have your attention, I want to share something that’s not easy to share.  I’m live my life as an Open Book and today will not be any different.
I’ve had Allergan Natrelle Saline Implants for 5 years. *GASP!*  I know, I know, you thought all of this awesomeness was natural.  I had a breast augmentation and lift in March of 2011. After nursing my son, I wanted my volume back, but I was NEVER informed that there would be a steep price to pay.  My health.  Over the 2 1/2 years (2013 – 2016), I have not been well and I have battled with extreme muscle and nerve pain, I’ve experienced blurred vision and memory loss, vertigo, anxiety, fatigue, hair loss, slow healing, headaches, mood swings, food intolerance, fibromyalgia symptoms, shortness of breath, and night sweats, just to name a FEW.  YES, a FEW!  Day by day, my symptoms continued to get worse.

I sat with numerous Doctors for the first time in my life and after CT Scans, MRIs, more blood work than I can count, Vision Tests, Ultrasounds, EKGs, Sleep Studies, a Hysterectomy, Cholecystectomy, testing for Lyme, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and numerous other tests, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hyperventilation Disorder, with little confidence from Physicians that they have figured out the issue, because all my results are NORMAL!  I was scheduled for an MRI on December 13, 2016, I completed an In-House Sleep Study on December 14, 2016, and I was scheduled for an EMG the first week of January 2017.  I have seen everyone from a PCP, to a Cardiologist, to a Gynecologists, Neurologists, Neurosurgeon, and Rheumatologists.  I was prescribed SIX medications and I have truly seen more Doctors over these last 2 years, than my entire family combined has seen in our entire lives. After all that I had been through, I still did NOT have answers and I was NOT getting any better!

So where does Breast Implant Illness come into play?

I was scrolling through Social Medical one evening and came across a story about a playmate who’s struggles mirrored mine and thought to myself, “WOW!”, but I honestly never thought twice about it, because if it was my implants causing my issues at least ONE of the Doctors would have thought to mention it, RIGHT?! WRONG!  On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, I watched the Premiere of a reality show and it was mentioned during the episode that a Cast Member who had publicly battled an Auto Immune Disease and had very little improvement, removed her implants and was said to be 75% better. WHAAAAT?!  75% better after YEARS of seeking treatment… This definitely caught my attention!  The next morning, I woke up early and re-read the Playmate’s Story and after a girlfriend brought up a similar situation, I decided to take this VERY seriously!

The following morning, I joined a Facebook Group called Healing Breast Implant Illness.  This Group has over TWELVE THOUSAND Women, many of whom have the same symptoms and the same story.  Others had an Explant and felt 85% better within as little as a month!  SPEECHLESS!

I spent another wasted weekend hurting in bed, while reading more stories than you can even begin to imagine about women battling what we believe is Breast Implant Illness. I was absolutely overwhelmed, but confident that my continued research and desire to gain my life back, had FINALLY lead me in the right direction. I made a consultation for an Explant and Capsulectomy and after a bit of shock and awe over the size of my implants, I was advised that I should immediately have an Explant and Capsulectomy and my Plastic Surgeon felt strongly that my quality of life would improve once the implants were removed. The office staff was kind, understanding, informative, and huggable during my tears. After all of this time, all of this pain, all of this money, all of these tears, it turns out it could be my BREAST IMPLANTS that are causing me all of this heartache!  I sobbed right there in the Doctor’s Office, “THIS IS WHAT I DESERVE FOR NOT LOVING AND APPRECIATING THE BODY I WAS GIVEN!”  I felt beyond guilty for doing this to myself, but I couldn’t sit too long in my guilt, because I had a decision to make. I had an Explant and Full Capsulectomy on January 3, 2017 and I am beyond pleased to let you know that less than TWO weeks post-explant, MANY symptoms  have subsided and I am not taking any medications! Do I believe Breast Implant Illness is real? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DO and if I was properly informed of the risks, I would not have ever put myself at risk.

A study published in 2016, reveals that there is absolutely NO proven connection or Scientific Link between Implants, the issues that I was having and long-term health outcomes. The study reveals that there is a possibility that the condition is a psychosomatic disorder—meaning that it can be caused entirely or made worse just by thinking about it. RIDICULOUS! While, there is not one test that can be done to determine if implants are the cause of these issues, 12,000+ Women cannot be wrong and these are just the women who have HEARD about Breast Implant Illness!

Now, I am NOT saying that breast implants will do this to everyone; however, I will say that it’s NOT uncommon for a body to reject a foreign object and we must NOT forget that implants are NOT lifetime devices. IF a brochure is actually provided to you by your Plastic Surgeon and you take the time to read the hidden fine print of the brochure, I’m certain that the brochure would lists in the “Unknown Risks” Section, symptoms that the FDA States only 1% of Women with Implants might experience.  I greatly encourage you to research Breast Implant Illness, if you are looking into a Breast Augmentation and/or if you know someone else battling these symptoms and they have implants, encourage them to do their research. We are worth it!

I founded No Grit, No Pearls Nonprofit Organization in hopes of providing Cards, Care Packages, Encouragement, and most importantly raising awareness about Breast Implant Illness. It’s important to know that MOST Insurance Companies refuse to cover Explant Surgeries and we are left to pay a substantial amount out of money out of pocket. With your help, I want to provide an Explant Procedure to a woman who is struggling to afford it, living in a state of despair, lacking self-esteem, battling depression and numerous debilitating ailments due to toxic implants, and just praying that she can have her life back. Please help me assist these women nationwide who live with this unbearable pain every single day! Help me give a woman her life back! DONATE NOW!

I’m grateful for those who believed me, believed my battle and loved me through these times when I wasn’t very lovable.  These last few years have been a great struggle and I want to use my restored energy in a positive way, I want to use it to help YOU!